Friday, November 28, 2008

A Relaxing Day & Night At Home

It was kind of an odd Black Friday. There just wasn't really anything that persuaded us to head out early early today and try to beat the mobs...

So we just hung out today. And Thing 2 was able to be fully entertained by:

He calls it "Mommas"

Then he beckoned me to help set up his Geo Trax. We have nothing like this boy's set-up:

Finishing off the night we settled down for his first viewing of
The Polar Express

A Nice peaceful day/night...

UPDATE: 11/29/08 - Now it seems The Polar Express is his new favorite. We've watched it 3 times in a row tonight... Oh, BOY!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Utah - BYU Funnies

Better late than never... I received a phonecall from a neighbor wanting to console me on my loss. BYU pretty much gave away the game and he wanted to be the first to rub it in. I thought it was funny. There are a bunch of reasons why BYU lost... My 2-cents: simply put, The U of U outplayed BYU.

Today, a friend shared with me this YouTube clip... "Hitler Reacts to the 2008 BYU-Utah Game" Whoever made it, I applaud you - very funny subtitles.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

And In This Corner...

Weighing in at just over 10 pounds. The southpaw from down south... KODA.

For the 1st match of the day she'll face: Thing 2

Would you look at that - just one cross and it's over, folks... Throw in the towel!
The bleeding over the left eye is just too severe to go on.

Think he'll learn his lesson? Do not wrestle with the puppy.

So we spent a few hours at the kid's care. He has a pretty good sized gash (although the steri-strips do a good job of hiding it); he'll be on antibiotics for 10 days - which, the doc says will for sure cause some wonderful diarrhea... And he's already ready for round 2

Fun times for a Thursday evening...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Gender Bending

What Gender is Your Blog?
Here's the result: Funny... I do love:
and I kind of dig this, Go Figure.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Halloween 2009?

So, Wha' do think? Should he be Jack Skellington or Heath's Joker next year..?

This morning, Thing 2 found mommy's make-up. No assistance was needed by my boy. He did it all himself... And it's waterproof mascara, so Church today will be full of "well you see my boy just..."

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Crazy nekked-ness

A little hesitant about posting this, but it's just too funny.

So this morning, I'm up early, and as I'm always trying to think about what I can do for my better half (she's sure to agree on this one...), I get the puppy out of her crate and take her outside. Of course I'm just in my underwear, it is Nov. 8 and I'm shivering as I stand on the deck nudging Koda to go down to the back yard saying in my cutest voice 'go potty'. I'm greeted by my back-door neighbor, who has just poked his head out of his back patio door to say "Hi!"; perhaps he was also non-verbally telling me "Hey, Mister, you're in your underwear!". Embarrassed, I sneak back inside, put on some sweats and a jacket and Koda pays me back for my sugary-sweet "go potty" command by dumping right near the laundry room... Nice; I'd have rather stayed outside with just my nearly nekkedness than to have to clean up the puppy-poo.

So I replay the story to the wife when she wakes up, giving her quite the laugh. A short while later, Thing 2 decides he'd be most comfortable in his birthday suit and voila, I give you justification for why I refer to him as "nekked boy"...

"Look Dad, I love being nekked.."
I don't want to post anything offensive, so I've taken the liberty of adding some amateur graffit to cover the naughty parts...

The puppy chasing the boy...

And they make it to the sandbox.