Friday, October 31, 2008


So here we are; the great big hallowieners....

Just call me Mister Incredible....

It took a couple years of coaxing, but I finally convinced the better half to sew. And she is such a good seamstress, too! So we found this great rubbery fabric and she made the bootie covers, the armbands and the pi├Ęce de la resistance - rubby panties - man talk about bum sweat... We bought some poofy-paint from the crafty-crap store and I had fun painting the logo. Fun, great fun. Thing 2 was "Dash", momma was "Elastigirl" and yours truly being "Mr."

Thing 1 decided close to the last minute that she was too good to be a Super - she wanted to be a silly vampire. So we substituted the dogglies for the rest o' the SUPER fam-damily.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Where Our Celebrity DNA comes From

So Thing 2 can grow up to be a celebrity - Can I get a woot-woot! Guess I need to throw him into acting classes right away.

And Thing 1 could certainly be a hollywood celeb. That is if Johnny Depp made babies with Selma Blair, Hillary Duff or Angela Lindvall - One of 'em could turn out to be our little princess - wearing a hard hat, no less.

And yours truly...

Wow! Jean Reno and Gary Sinese - aren't I sexy!

Hey everybody, I voted!

Just look what I can do with my Fridays. With the new work schedule, I went to the library and voted early. Nice to be a civic-minded individual...

I had posted what I thought was a funny satire on Obama vs. McCain, but my mother-in-law insisted I take it down as "the bleeping out the swears still doesn't make the listener not hear them..." So I'll remove My Funny Video and give this instead:

Add text to the Mccain Logo

Ooooh! This is funny!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Puppy - yippee

So the better half decides it's time to get another dog. Thing 1 wanted a hamster, but momma finds a cute little malamute online and drives an hour on Thing 1's birthday to pick the pup up. She is cute, but we now face a nice uphill battle with crate training; the dog has diarrhea, so mmmm... that'll be fun. We've set up barricades to try and keep her on the tile as much as possible to facilitate the clean-up of the poo. So without further a-do, meet Koda, you know, like North Da-Kota.

Meet The Fam-damily

So I thought I'd try and keep up with the Jones, at least the technically savvy ones...

I have this insane desire to jump aboard the blog bandwagon so why not introduce the family? Isn't that step 1 in the blog-process?

I would like to try to, in this day-and-age, at least protect or thwart the invasion of whatever sense of family and individual privacy we have... (say it out loud, doing your best Nelson impersonation from the Simpson's, "HA-HA! Like that can happen...") So, here goes:

Thing 1 - the girl. I'll try to remember and refer to her simply as "M". She is our princess and boy does she act like it...

Thing 2 - the boy. He will likely be referred to (sometimes often) as "my little devil", "hellion", "the duke", "naked boy",etc.

But, as my mom reminds me, "he's simply payback for all the trouble you gave me..."

The Dogs: Timber & Koda - both Malamutes. Timber is 9 and Koda is 2 months. We've had Timber since she was a pup. She's starting to show her age, but hopefully the new pup will re-energize her a little. Koda is taking her sweet time crate-training, so we have had quite a number of "litter" to clean up.